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RESURRECTION. Saturday 18 May @ 7pm

After death, life! The cancer, the marriage, the dream, the dog … what died? What was resurrected? What new life emerged? In six minutes or so, tell us about a death or near-death which led to new directions, new joys, new possibilities.

Have a true story to tell? Check the guidelines, then email us at Guidelines also include suggestions for how to prepare your story. Free entry. Water, tea and coffee available. BYO other drinks.

Later Yarns

  • Spirited. Saturday 20 July @ 7pm
  • Ordinary. Saturday 21 September @ 7pm
  • Waiting. Saturday 16 November @ 7pm


  • Epiphany: 19 January: Ten epiphanies were shared; read about them here.
  • Resurrection: Saturday 18 May: Together we slogged through a wilderness of parenting young children, unfinished PhD’s, and hopeless bush walks … the chocolate at suppertime was greatly needed and appreciated!

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